Sunday, December 16, 2012

Why I Wore Pants to Church Today

Today was "Wear Pants to Church Day." If you missed it, you can read about it here and here.

I wrote a kind of long post about this. Then I deleted it. It just isn't that important. And THAT is why I wore pants to church today. So many people are so worked up about this "issue." People--I'm talking seemingly good Christian people who claim to be disciples of Christ--are being so hateful because of what people are or are not wearing. It is ridiculous. We belong to the Church of Jesus Christ. We try to follow Christ by serving and loving our fellow man. There is no reason to treat someone poorly because of what they are wearing. It is supremely ironic to suggest that the way someone else looks, acts, thinks, or dresses will some how defile your spiritual church experience. If you feel that way, perhaps you are doing church wrong.

I wore pants to church today. No one treated me differently. I was really impressed by the people I interacted with today. I definitely noticed people's eyes would jump down to my legs and then back to my face when they talked to me--but I did not feel that anyone treated me different. Thank you for that.

There are so many reasons to be compassionate to each other. There are so many reasons to reach out and support each other. There are so many reasons to love, help, serve, befriend, comfortmourn with, teach, embrace, and lift each other--that I just don't think we have time to talk about pants.

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