Thursday, April 22, 2010

Studio Pictures

In his debut studio picture session, Edgar was flirty...

...super cute...

...and giggly!

It was lots of fun!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One Year Old!

What a fun birthday! To Edgar, just about anything is worth an "OOOoooooH!", and his birthday celebrations were filled with MANY OOOOOOOooooooOOOooooHS!


OoooOOH! Ball Paper!

OOOOOooooHH! Spaghetti with a TRUCK fork! Thanks Auntie Brenda!

OOOOhh. Fire.
Why is everyone staring at me? What do you people expect??

Here Mama! Have some cake!

Here Grandma! Have a messy kiss!

The First Haircut!!!

I was getting really sick of his hair always in his eyes. Every picture. Every meal time. But I LOVE his long the idea was to cut the really long stuff, trim the bangs, and leave the curls.


("Ow" is Edgar's word for hair. On account of that is what mommy and daddy say when you pull their hair.)
So...he moved when I was trimming his bangs. Now he doesn't have too much bangs. I hope he will forgive me for his first haircut! Still...he's awfully cute! I like that I can see his eyes, but honestly--I almost cried when I saw how chopped his bangs were. Ugh. He looks like a little girl who got to the scissors.
Friend Party

This is Edgar's response to "How old are you, Edgar?" So CUTE!

Playing outside after his party. It's a beautiful day to be one year old! OooooooOOOH!
Was very excited about this "doodle ball." To Edgar, a "doodle" is a rooster. But, his little toy roosters both have a little hole so he can put the rooster on his finger and say "doodle, doodle!" Since the ball also has finger holes, he called it a doodle ball. Love it!
Fun things I love about my one year old Edgar:
  • He loves to laugh and make others laugh
  • He LOVES music. He leads music, sings, and often asks us to turn on records (that is the word he uses for turning music on the stereo. "reh-cur") He loves to play "TaWR!" (Guitar) and OOOhhhAOOOhhaA (Piano).
  • He is very independent and creative when exploring and trying new things. He likes to try things out himself and without any help.
  • He says lots of cute words: Dogoo (Yogurt or cottage cheese), Aahpoe (Apple, or applesauce), Tur-toe (turtle), VAH COO! (vacuum. always said as a yell. He LOVES the vacuum. He got a toy vacuum for his birthday!), Beh-poo (Becky, our friend upstairs who watches Edgar now that I am working a few hours a couple days a week. He LOVES Beh-poo.), choo (shoe) and eeyok (sock). He Loves to put on shoes and socks to go out. Yehck. Die-puh (diaper), aaah = eyes.
  • I love how much he loves his momma and dad. He loves to kiss us and hug us and does so often.

There is so much I love about this boy! I'm so glad to be his momma!

I love my family!

Friday, April 9, 2010


This is especially for grandma Vickie and grandpa Lester (=

While Edgar has long been interested in facial features, he is just now realizing that he has them too! Here he has discovered how to blink. Also, the hand thing and the "Ooohhah" I-want-it-now whine is the way he asks us to sing songs with him.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter, etc.

We spent Easter Weekend with Alex's parents. It was also General Conference Weekend, so we spent much of the weekend being spiritually fed while lounging on couches and bean bags (=

With Edgar running around ALL THE TIME, it was a great year for his first Easter Egg Hunt!

He took the whole thing very seriously. He was a little uncertain about what to do once he got an egg in each hand. He was NOT about to put the eggs in a basket (drop them? no way! they are mine!), so he opted to quickly drop on egg and scoop up the third (as long as I always have one in each hand, I'm good, right?)
It was cold. And wet. And windy.
They did not stay together too good...surprise! Marshmallows!
He eventually got the idea of the basket (aha! I can drop them in there, and then play with them!

Watching conference was fun! Edgar had a zillion toys spread out on the floor, and spent hours running around the room trying to make us laugh. Such a ham!

"Ni-Ni!" he says.
His Warndahl cousins came to play later on Easter. He LOVES his cousins!

It was also a very musical weekend (it always is with Edgar around!).
He played lots of piano...

...and led the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. A lot.