Tuesday, November 17, 2009

DIY Closet with Curtains on a Flexible Track

{{I have been meaning to post about this project (which I completed 7 months ago the week that my baby was born). I'm a bit late in posting it, but in all the Internet research I did to make this closet and curtains, I never found exactly what I was looking for. With that in mind, I thought I would post the basics on my closet solution for others to use.}}

The Need:
We recently moved into another room in our basement apartment. This was to be our bedroom, music room, office, and craft room...and it didn't have a closet. As renters, it needed to be somewhat temporary. We decided to build a little closet/shelf system against the wall and use curtains to cover it. (This room has some ducting along the ceiling of one wall, so we built it under the ducting, but this could be done against any wall).
Do it yourself:
1. Hardware. We started with a shelf and rod bracket like this one from Ace. We used a stud finder to space the brackets along the studs.
2. Shelf. We used an two old shelves our landlord had in his garage (measured 3 times and then cut to size with a jigsaw) and secured them to the brackets.
3. Rod. We went to the Ace place, bought a wooden dowel, and cut it to the correct length. It was super cheap. I recommend getting a plastic stopper for the end. We haven't, and clothes fall off the ends of the rod.

4. We used two inexpensive ($19.99?) 2-shelf shelving units from Target for shoes. We also used some milk crates ($5?) to hold extra shoes.

5. We have a lot of clothes. We used some multi-level slack hangers from Fred Meyer (they look like this)--I really like them--and some tie hangers like these. That has helped A LOT. Still, our closet is super full.

6. If I cared more (I may still do this) I would get some cute bins for organizing stuff on the shelf.
The Curtain:
7. Track. I really wanted a sliding track that bent in a U-shape. It was really hard to find! We used the Konnect International pre-packaged bendable track. It was the perfect length for our project and very reasonably priced. ($45 plus shipping). I LOVED this track. It was exactly what I wanted. (They also will cut a track to fit your projects specs). Warning: though it is flexible, it is hard to bend it into place...it is definitely a 2 person job. (It comes with all of the hardware you need, except for something to attach it to the curtains). I also loved that the middle two rollers are magnet catches--they keep your curtains closed!
8. Curtain Clips. I really liked these curtain clips from Target. They were $5 for a 10-pack (cheaper than the hardware stores). They easily fit into the circular rings on the track system and clip onto the curtains (no sewing a place for a rod or setting grommets!)

9. Curtain. I believe I used this article to help me get an idea of how to sew the curtains. This was my first sewing project since junior high (15 years ago??) and it turned out very well, thank you. I did A LOT of measuring--length and width. On one of the hospital curtain track sites, it gave me an idea of how much curtain to order...if I find it I will come back and edit this post.
I bought the fabric at Joanne's. The solid brown is a thick heavier fabric, and the pattern is a lighter cotton--but they worked just fine together. I was originally going to use a canvas drop cloth for the fabric--I still think that is a fantastic idea. I ironed the curtains, clipped them to the clips, and--VOILA!!--I have a closet!
Here are a few sites I used for inspiration:
My original plan was more like this.
I ended up with more of this look.

Fun with Font Capture

(Sorry for the smallish and blurry picture. It was the best I could do in trying to share my new fonts with my limited computer! Tip: to see the fonts better, click on the picture to enlarge.)


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Quiet Ambition

I'm getting kind of ambitious lately...in my imagination. I wish that would translate better to real life. I was playing with my great nephew and great niece this week, and totally admiring their grandma-made quiet book.

I totally remember having one of those as a kid! I remember something about a zipper and shoelaces...and not much else. But I remember loving it.

I have just spent the last hour perusing some how-to sites, including this one that has lots of links that sparked my imagination.

I now have a 2 page word document full of ideas. I would love love to make this and have it ready by Christmas next year (I think having it ready by Edgar's b-day in April is a bit too ambitious).

Hmmm...what about the scrapbook I got really ambitious about and have hardly done a thing on? What about my scripture reading schedule that I am way behind on, not to mention the little fort of unpacked boxes from the flood over a year ago or the pile of mail that needs sorting? I don't think I have the license to get ambitious about a new project.


A girl can have dreams, right?

Ah. There is my son fussing again during his nap. And I wonder why I never get very far on projects. *Sigh* Gone are the days of devoting entire days to my projects.

Guess I just need to learn how to move faster!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treating RVs

That's right, I said "trick or treating RVs." We spent Halloween camping in Yurt's on the Oregon Coast with my nephew Garrett and his girlfriend Kelly.
Edgar was fat baby Elvis. It was seriously awesome.
We did a little trick-or-treating among the RVs that were also at the campsite. We got one piece of candy from the camp host. That was it. Some hippie biking campers offered Edgar some granola, but he declined.

We stayed at the Carl G. Washburn campsite. The best part was the blooming of fungi after it rained. Here, baby Elvis and I are checking out the GIGANTIC mushroom.

Kelly and baby Elvis having so much fun.
Such a cutie!
He certainly enjoyed playing with the candy! But, as he is only 6 months old, we ate the candy for him. He ate pears and chewed sealed candy wrappers.

It did rain, but it was also fairly warm and beautiful.
Kelly made some fantastic sand drawings. Here, Edgar and I are checking out part of one drawing.

Beautiful Halloween Sunset!

Family Love.

Daddy and Edgar playing in the COLD water!

Mama and Edgar howling at the Halloween Moon.