Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Highlights 2010

Merry Christmas!

The Christmases between high school and Edgar were...well...a little lacking in Christmas excitement. But it's back. Christmas with a 2 year old is so fun!
Edgar really got Christmas this year--on a really basic level. He got that it was baby Jesus' birthday, Santa was going to bring him presents--specifically, Santa would bring him a scooter (at one point, when he really got that he could ask for something, he was jumping up and down on my bed yelling "SANTA...BRING....EDGAR...'COOTER!"), and that there were lots of parties with family.
Some favorite quotes:
Alex: "Edgar, tomorrow is Christmas...what does that mean?" Edgar: "Christmas! Happy Birthday Jesus. Santa. Jesus. Party!"
All throughout the Christmas weekend he would insist on singing Happy Birthday to Jesus at every meal. He also wanted "more fire? more cake? blow out candles?"
He knows Santa comes down Chimneys...but he wasn't totally certain what a Chimney was. I pointed out a big fireplace to him and said, "Look Edgar, a chimney!" Now...he knows fireplaces are hot, so he looks at me with big eyes and says, "Hot! Santa? Santa hot?" with a face that clearly demanded an explanation.
He just wanted to sing and hear us sing Christmas songs all weekend. When driving in the car we tried to substitute with the radio, but he said: "push button. turn music off. Sing Hosanna."
My favorite? On the way to church Sunday he sang Silent Night--the whole first verse, in the sweetest most angelic voice. My heart melted. His daddy melted too--real teary eyes and all.

We had a busy day of visiting family, so we had to wake him up early. I know, I think it goes against some kind of parent law to wake your kid Christmas morning...
He quickly got over his sadness at waking so early when he realized there were presents everywhere!
(His first look at the pile of gift under the tree)

This was his favorite toy--from Grandma and Grandpa Carmichael. A "round a round" for his cars and motorcycles.
(= Christmas Joy.
(Loved his new motorcycle so much he couldn't put it down. Had to unwrap with one hand)
Here it is! The Scooter! This is the best picture I could get...he didn't hold still too well...
At this moment he is looking at the picture saying "'Edgar's 'Piderman 'cooter!"
In all, Christmas was fantastic.
Oh yeah, I got cool stuff too. Edgar gave me new shoes. Alex gave me new pots and pans, some awesome records, and some new table lamps (=
But, really, it was all about the 2 year old. As it should be!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

After all there's only 3 more sleeps till Christmas!

Yikes! Everything seems to be in fast forward lately. We did have a lovely Thanksgiving. I have a few good pictures of Edgar enjoying his grandparents, great-grandparents, and aunties and uncles. I know I don't have the time or energy to get all of that up too...I'll restrict myself to a few recent pictures and videos.

I was in charge of our church's ward Christmas party this year. It was my last duty as Activity Chairperson before that particular calling was dissolved. In the mean time, I was called as Primary Secretary and kind of overlapped for a couple of weeks. It was a pretty hectic time! The party was a success, and I love my new calling in Primary.

Seeing Santa was pretty exciting for Edgar--he really wanted to talk to him--but no luck with the lap sitting.

Edgar is absolutely enchanted by Christmas. We cut down a teeny little Christmas Tree and it has a very few ornaments. Edgar often gazes at the tree and exclaims, "CHRISTMAS! Daddy CHOPPED it, CUT it, CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! Christmas TREEEE!"

We had a fun spontaneous family night in Portland. We saw the BIG Christmas Tree in Pioneer Courthouse Square, went to a fun toy store, and ate yummy Lebanese food. The picture is not so good, but you can kind of see my bigness.
Baby girl is due in about 2 1/2 weeks...and I can't believe I can grow any bigger. I feel HUGE. But--happy and in general good shape physically. We are really excited for her to join our family.
Edgar "talks" to baby sister a lot. He kisses her (my belly), rubs her, measures her at mommy's midwife appointments, and tells me if she is sad or happy. The other day he told her: "baby si'ter, 2 more minutes, after: come out!" I don't think he really knows what he's getting into, or he wouldn't be ordering her out.

We have been talking a lot about birthday's lately. Grandpa Carmichael's birthday was earlier this month. Alex's birthday was last Sunday. Edgar knows that Christmas is "happy birthday baby Jesus" and that after Christmas is Baby Sister's birthday.

Edgar is also a bit obsessed with fire and birthday cakes. He did a good job helping his asthmatic daddy blow out the candles!
And, for Grandma Vickie, here is a recent Edgar video. One of my favorite things he does lately is sing. He sings nonsense and he sings big open vowels with hymns at church--but lately he is singing entire songs. He sings "Christmas Bells are Ringing," "Up on the Housetop," "Silent Night," "Away in a Manger," "Jingle Bells," and "Frosty the Snowman."
In this video, he is singing Up on the Housetop. He has a lock groove built into this song. But, apparently there are ways to stop the broken record. I have another video with more singing...but it isn't uploading. I'll try again later.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Edgar has been super cute about singing lately. He LOVES to sing.

He sings nonsense along with cds.

He sings hymns with the congregation in church (while "reading" the hymnal).

He has a pamphlet about birth (he picked it up at one of my midwife appointments)--He calls it his "aaahhh yaaaa book" and sings out of it in the car. Once he dropped it, and I tried to hand him a different book to sing out of. He said, "no way. aaahh yaaa book." Apparently he can't sing out of just any book.

He also loves to fill-in-the-blank with mom and dad for songs he knows. His favorite right now is Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam. He isn't super cooperative in this video--but it's the only one I have (and I think the reluctance is pretty darn cute too!)

I also love that this video shows how much Edgar loves his dad. How lucky is he to have CARMICHAEL as his nursery singing leader? Yep--Edgar has now been in nursery at church for 3 weeks and just loves it.

Friday, October 29, 2010

18 Months

Oh, I am so behind on blogging, I'm not even going to try to play catch up. Instead, here is the 18 month update on Edgar! (Warning, it's pretty long. That's what I get for not blogging for so long!) No hair cut yet...but don't be surprised if it happens soon. Alex says he is looking like an Oompa Loompa.
Edgar is going through one of those rocket fast learning stages--new words and abilities every day. But, he still remains the same boy he has always been:
Edgar is super silly and loves to make people laugh. If he says something that gets a laugh once, he will say it over and over and over to see how it makes people react.
Fun things he says:
  • Wash squash (he "made up" this rhyme and thinks it is hilarious--I think he is right)
  • He likes to look at a picture and say the wrong word for it, and then say "NO!" and say the right word. The other day he was pointing to guys on the cover of my James Bond book saying, "Is this one daddy? NOOOOO! Is this one daddy? NOOOO!" Then he saw the Bond Girl and said (knowingly) "Moooooommy"
  • "Mo-Co-Loy-Lo" = Motorcycle. He LOVES motorcycles and always talks about "Edgar Ride!" when he sees one. The other day he saw one and said, "Mo-Co-Loy-Lo. Cool-WOW!"
Funny (but long) story:
The Scriptures, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter are all getting a little mixed up at our house. A friend recently taught the kids to pound a broomstick on the ground and say "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" Edgar translated this to "NO PASS!" We watched the clip from LOTR and the image stuck in his head. Now, any guy with a long white beard says "NO PASS!" and is a wizard.
Edgar also watched Potter Puppet Pals and the Mysterious Ticking Noise, and LOVED it. He can do most of the skit on his own. "Nape, Nape...DUMBADOE....HERRRR-MY-KNEE...won, won, won WEEEEEZY...(and in a whisper) hawee potteh hawee potteh AH! He is pretty sure the Gandalf and Dumbledore are the same guys. Both are wizards and say NO PASS!
Then, recently we started reading scriptures together as a family every night. We are reading a few verses every night from the Book of Mormon. The phrase, "and it came to pass" is all throughout the BoM--and Edgar has really picked up on it and somehow thinks this means the Scriptures are about Wizards. And Jesus. And records (you know...the round black ones). And Lehi. And Nephi. It is pretty awesome.
We each read a few verses, even Edgar. We read a few words and pause, then he says whatever he can. He usually yells NO PASS (we try to save those verses for him). But one time I read "and he told his children that they shall not"--I paused to let Edgar repeat some words, but he finished the sentence with "PASS!" It was really funny.
But, even though he is a bit confused about the content of the scriptures, he is excited to read them every night. One night we were reading books before bed and he asked for "more one" (one more book). I said, you can choose one more, so pick your favorite...he ran into the other room and brought in the scriptures (=
Edgar is learning a lot of new words and phrases from the Signing Time dvds--he LOVES them. Here he is signing Chicken in front of the chickens at the petting zoo! He can sign over 100 words and phrases!
I am amazed at how much it increases his vocabulary and comprehension. He started watching the dvd about the Colors a few weeks ago. Up to that point, he hadn't shown any interest in colors. Suddenly, he can identify all his colors! So fun! He can also identify some letters, count to 10, and he knows a few shapes (Circle and Octogon).

He also loves to read books. His current favorites are Dr. Seuss Hop on Pop, Bears on Wheels, Bernstien's B Book, Go Dog Go!, Hand Hand Finger Thumb, and Brown Bear Brown Bear. He's at that stage where he is memorizing his favorite books and can "read" portions of them to us. LOVE IT!

And, he is just a sweet boy who loves his family. He prays for his grandparents and cousins, loves to look at family pictures and hear about everybody, and likes to call people on the phone (though he immediately gets shy and won't say much...of course!) He love his best friends upstairs and wants to play with them all of the time. He is generally a happy sweet kid and I LOVE being his mom.

He is also getting used to this baby sister idea. He "plays peekaboo" with his baby sister (by lifting up my shirt to see my tummy), he kisses her, tells her he loves her, and sometimes will tell me that she is crying and hugs her better. He's going to be a great big brother in a couple of months!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Big Brother and Little Sister

Here she is! It was awfully clear that she is a girl, so I guess our imaginings of a house full of boys is just an imagining. But now that I have come to terms with pink, I'm really looking forward to dolls, dresses, bows, and bikes with pink and purple streamers. I am not quite ready for discussions about periods, bras, boyfriends, and all of that. Yikes. One thing at a time.
Here is a super sweet video of Edgar taking some initiative to get to know his baby sister. I LOVE it!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Visiting with Friends

Not long ago, we had a couple of socially packed days as we had some friends stay with us over the weekend (it was a former missionary-who had served in our ward when we were ward missionaries--and his wife). He and his 6-month pregnant wife joined Alex, me (4 months pregnant) and Edgar for a mini-Silver Falls hike.

The total hike is about 10 miles and you see 10 waterfalls. We did about 5 miles and saw 7 waterfalls. Pretty darn good if you ask me!
Ed did fantastic. We have found that the "jogging stroller" is well suited for hikes. As long as the paths aren't too narrow (and as long as you have 2 people to lift it over obstacles), it is a great alternative to backpacking a toddler who can't hike on his own.

We had a fun time throwing rocks into streams, looking at "Dow-Uh-Ohs" (His word: "Dow" = water).
I was particularly grateful that our friend David offered to carry Edgar up the stairs with Alex. Yikes! Edgar acted like a little petulant prince demanding "up! up!" as they ascended.
The falls were beautiful. It was really fun when Edgar realized the water was falling and going "Crash! Boom!" It totally cracked him up! What funny things that water is doing!

The next day Alex's best friend from growing up was in town. (His name is Alex. When they are together, my Alex is called Axle. It takes some getting use to). They currently live in Arizona and we don't see them very often. They have 3 super cute boys and we had a great time cooking on the fire in the backyard and playing.

(I think Edgar got some fuzz in his mouth while trying to eat cookie crumbs off the floor. His face was priceless!)

(This is a pretty terrible picture, but one of the only ones we took of the grown-ups. Hmmm.)
All in all we had a really great time seeing friends. Thanks Alex and Dawn for dropping by! Hopefully it won't be another...what...3 years (?) between visits!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

King Me!

Learning from experiences with Baby #1, we decided that upgrading our bed to a King was a must before the arrival of Baby #2. When our platform bed arrived, Edgar was eager to use his tools to help dad (=

I believe "Edgar, TOOL!" and "Daddy TOOL!" were pretty much all he said that day.
He was a big help.
When the mattress finally arrived, Edgar was really excited to jump on the "bi-ig bed"

And, what follows is way too many pictures of my boy being silly on the new bed. But, the pictures are really for grandmas and grandpas, and I know you guys don't mind lots of pictures, right?

His favorite game on the bed: "Aaaahhhhhhh.......BOOM!"
Rolling rolling rolling...
Crawling around on the bed toward mama, Edgar is saying "getchu!"
More somersaults!
What's more fun having a huge bed all to yourself? Having a huge bed all to yourself with 2 big beach balls!

Plus also, a little tiring.

Okay mama, that's enough pictures!
Being so silly. Love this cute boy!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Perfect Day

We had the most perfect day at the coast yesterday (= We had all sorts of grown-up responsible things we could have done, but we decided to just go have fun. It was a good choice. The day started a bit cloudy and cool, so we hit Newport, OR first to see the sea lions. Edgar loved them.

We decided to try out one of the tourist traps we have so far avoided in Newport. We "walked with the butterflies." It was 10 bucks well spent! What a fun day of discovery for Edgar!

He wanted to give the butterfly a nose kiss (=

Got one!
You can put your finger by their feet, and they climb on. Edgar was very gentle. Mostly. I'm pretty sure no butterfly died because of him.
Here he is saying, proudly, "Edgar! Edgar!" Because he had gotten to hold the butterfly on his very own finger.

Alex also enjoyed communing with the butterflies.
Then, it was on to the beach! We spent the afternoon at Nye Beach in Newport. We found the perfect little valley between sand dunes to set up our blanket and toys. It was warm, sunny, not windy...PERFECT (and mostly unheard of at the Oregon Coast!).
We had too much fun to take many pictures. Needless to say, there was a lot of climbing up and sliding down the sand dunes--and of course digging in and eating of the sand. We went down to the water and Edgar was quite nervous...until he saw two people running down the beach on the wet sand. He got SO excited! He said, "Edgar run-run-run!" And, he did. He ran and ran and ran down that beach! He only wanted to go north (on account of the bright sun in his eyes), so we went quite a ways before we could coax him back. By the end he was even running into the receding waves a little, popping bubbles in the sea foam, laughing a lot, and asking for "more more more."
What a perfect day.