Monday, September 14, 2009

5 Months Old

I've been slower to post recently because our days are filled with lots of fun (=
Edgar has discovered the fun of hanging in the high chair playing with water or kitchen stuff while I do dishes and cook. Hooray for him--hooray for me!

We were all getting a bit stir we ran away from home together. One weekend Alex, Edgar, and I all went to Kalamath Falls, OR. Why? Because we hadn't ever been there. Edgar loved staying in the hotel! He sat in the middle of that King sized bed and played and played. (Yup, he sat. He loves to sit now...still topples occasionally, but loves to sit!)
We don't have a bath tub at home, so it was fun to let him bathe in the hotel and watch his long luxurious flowing hair.

He got his first cut. Mommy failure: I let him play with the empty pop can--one of his favorite toys. He hit it and cut his finger on the opening. He was trying to eat the bandaid, so I covered his hands with socks. He was mad until Mommy and Daddy put socks on our hands too--then he thought it was a fun game!

The weekend after we ran away to K. Falls, Alex's parents wanted to go down to Crater Lake. So...we stayed in K. Falls again at the same hotel. Again, it was great fun. We made a play area out of couch cushions for Edge to hang in while we played pinochle.

Crater Lake was beautiful!
We all traveled together in the same car--so Edgar got to know Grandma and Grandpa a little better.
Edgar went swimming for the first time at the hotel pool. It took him a while to warm up to the idea--he clung to me for the first 20 minutes or so. But, the next 20 minutes were dedicated to kicking, splashing, and general mirth.
He's growing up so fast! Here, he is learning to share his pacifier with the Lion. They pretty much have the same hair, which helped them to become fast friends.
I love you, son!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Honest Abe and Edgar: Enchanting or Creepy?

Edgar and I went to The Enchanted Forest today with my sister-in-law Laura and her grandkids Garrett and Emily. (Enchanted Forest is a ghetto theme park in Salem, OR featuring fairy tales--basically a Disneyland knock off. But, it's fairly cheap and the really little ones love it).

Abraham Lincoln was there. He posed for a picture with my baby. Not too sure what I think about that...
The babies did quite well! Edgar only got cranky when he was an hour past nap-time...and he only cried a few minutes before succumbing to sleepiness.

Laura and I took turns riding rides with Garrett while the other person hung with the babies. We tried to all walk through the Haunted House...but when the first glowing skeleton jumped up, Garrett says, "I'm kind of creeped out" and we head back out for a refund (apparently a common occurrence on this attraction). Garrett decided that he might try again when he's six, or after two more birthdays. (I believe Garrett just turned 5).
I know, kinda blurry--but the only shot with all of us in it!