Monday, January 25, 2010

9 Months

This cute kiddo has now spent more time out of the womb than in (=
Edgar is getting to be very inquisitive and talkative. He wants to know the sound for the things he is interested in. Fun stuff Edgar says:

"bah" for ball (785 times a day), "dah" for dog, "ca" for cat
ma-ma, da-da
"na-na" for nursing, "numa-num" for food, smacks his lips together when he wants a drink
What does a dog say? "aaaawwoo" or he pants with an open mouth
What does a cat say? "eeeooow, eeeeooow"
What does a cow say? "mbooo, mbooo"
What does a monkey say? "oooo ooo ahh ahh"

telephone is "hah!" ("hi") with his hand to his ear
Should we check your diaper? *shakes head side to side*
"OW!" said right before he pulls mom or dad's hair or bites mom.

He is crawling super fast, standing whenever there is something to pull up on, and walking (nearly running) around any place he has something to hold on to.

He discovered the stairs, and proceeded to crawl all the way up (with daddy close behind) and knock on the door to the upstairs neighbor's.
Luckily the stairs are in a landing that can be closed off with doors. We are now very careful about closing the door behind us every time we move rooms (=
Food is always an adventure. At Skippers last week the nice old man brought Edgar some J-E-LL-O ("I hope I'm not interfering ma'am."). That's fine with me old man, you are the one cleaning the floors!

Edgar was super excited to realize he could take off his own bib. I was not quite as excited as he.

Our answer to being cooped up this winter: Weekend Adventures! In the last few weeks we have been to the Sea Lion Caves (Edgar thought they were dogs), The Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center (Edgar thought the yellow-bellied marmot was a dog), and some little towns near Eugene (Edgar thought Greta's My Pet Monster was a dog...I'm starting to think that any non-cat, non-cow animal must be a dog in his eyes).
Edgar and me at the museum in The Dalles. We were on a boat.

Edgar and Alex chillin' at the Builders and the Butchers concert.
For the most part, life is grand. There is a bit too much biting, and not quite enough sleeping--but all in all, we are very blessed.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I like kissing. Always have. Ask those poor boys I chased in Kindergarten. I still remember the name of my kindergarten crush: Christopher Benson. Ask any poor soul who ever went on a marching band tour with me. Ask my unfortunate friends and family that turned away embarrassed by my PDA. Don't ask my husband. He's still a little jealous of the time lost to my new kissing partner. (=

Turns out there is a whole new level of kissing that I was completely unaware of until recently.

Kissing Babies.

I'm not talking about the politial kind of baby kissing. I'm taking about heart swelling, snot wiping, drool sharing baby kissing. The kind only a mama can do with her baby.

Today we also shared giggles while trying out nose kissing and eyelash kissing.

I love kissing.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Highlights 2009

After 7 Christmases of doing our best to keep child-like excitement in Christmas (which is not too tough for two video-game loving, toy toting grown-ups), we spent this Christmas really experiencing that excitement through Edgar.

Christmas tree lights

Pretty packages tied up with bows

Candy Canes

Santa ("Ho, Ho, Ho")

Lots, and lots of relatives

Cousins! (okay, one cousin.)

It was only a little over a week, but this kid experienced so much that we returned home to Salem with a much different baby.

"Holy Crap! There's MORE??!?!?"

" Um, are we done yet?"

"Help! I just wanted a couple of bows and a few pieces of paper!"

The little drum machine boy... (=

Soooooo tired. Our early morning Christmas breakfast tradition (breakfast is cooked by the kids while the parents sleep in) is getting tougher. Good thing we soon graduate to the sleeping in parents!

Yum! Candy Canes!!! Edgar's first candy (=

It was a hit.

We got to meet our new nephew, Calvin. He's a pretty cute Christmas Elf!

They really were excited. Really.

Spent lots of time with family.

Silly Steffie.

I promise Grandma is not drunk. She's English.

We even found time to visit Alex's aunts and uncles that live in Utah (we haven't visited them in like 6 years. We're pathetic.).

I was actually pretty much a failure at taking pictures. My parents always have their cameras out, so I don't usually think to get mine (it's taken care of, right?). So, um, mom and dad, I guess I need you to post some pictures!