Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sabrina 7 months--wait--7 1/2 months

Mustachioed Carmichael family August 2011

Whew...I want to say something like, "life is going so fast it's just passing us by" but that wouldn't be accurate. Something more like, life is extremely great, fast, and fun. We are enjoying every minute of our busy life so much.  We are all moved in to our new house and, while there are still boxes to unpack, we are getting pretty settled into our home. We are really busy with house projects, yard work, yard work, yard work (did I mention we have half an acre--half of which is over run with ivy, blackberries, morning glory, overgrown trees, and saplings?), and regular summer fun. With all the busyness, I feel like Sabrina especially hasn't gotten her fair share of documentation. She certainly isn't getting the regular updates on the blog / in her baby book that she deserves. So, let's see if I can get a little of that in before nap time is over...


Sabrina is crawling! She just started army crawling this week. She also pushes up on her tip-toes and her forehead to scoot. She also occasionally gets up on her hands and knees or hands and toes and rocks or bounces. She loves to stand with her feet on the floor or bed, and her hands on my legs. She crawls over my legs or tries to dive head first off the couch, bed, etc. She just loves to roll, scoot, and crawl around on the floor.

Sabrina is talking a little. She says da, mama, and blahblahblah (which I think sometimes actually means brother). She spits, shrieks, and clicks her tongue--and all of those other noises that are completely unacceptable for grown ups, but amazingly adorable for babies. And she LAUGHS and giggles--especially when she is tickled.

Sabrina LOVES her big brother. She thinks that he is hilarious and laughs and laughs at him. She also sneakily pulls his hair to get him to cry. She loves her mama and if mom is anywhere in sight or within earshot, she wants to be in her mommy's arms. But, if mom is not available, she is pretty happy to play with others.
Sabrina loves food. She started solid foods about a month and a half ago, and she gets so excited when it is time to eat. She likes to eat with the family and likes to hold her own spoon. Her favorite food is bananas.

Sabrina sleeps all night and has for a long time. She loves to suck her thumb and go to sleep. She naps well, plays well, and is generally a really happy girl. We just love having this little girl in our family.