Friday, July 31, 2009


I think they are officially first-cousins-once removed (I'll have to check with my British Grandma to be certain). In any case, Edgar had fun playing with cousin Emily and cousin Garrett.
Holding Hands.

Rolling around.

It starts: every toy Edgar showed any interest in was the exact toy Emily wanted. (=

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

I'm sorry that I scream at you so much. It's just that I don't always know how to tell you that I really love you. Here are some things that I love:

I love to listen to you play your guitar. Also, I love singing songs with you.

I love to visit you at work and let your co-workers go ga-ga over me. I'm glad you are proud of my cuteness and my nice hair.

I LOVE it when we read books together.
Sometimes I look at the book, but mostly I like to stare into your face and watch how it works. You have nice hair to.

I also love to lay and cuddle with you. I'm sorry if sometimes I am too tired or hungry to be nice when you want to cuddle. But, I am glad that you are my daddy. I picked you because I knew that we would have SO much fun together.

Ya Ya Rolly Polly

Playing cards at Grandpa's and practicing his moves.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tom Riddle

[from Alex]:

Went to see the Harry Potter movie tonight. That got me thinking:

[sorry about the spaces. Blogger is weird sometimes]

Chillingly accurate.

Perhaps the only character with a truer arc would be Harvey Dent from Batman:

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Three Months Old

Our cute hippie baby:
Our little fellow has gotten so big! He is super wiggly--in this picture he started completely on the blanket, but apparently just wanted to be in the grass!
It's been so hot lately--our favorite pass time this weekend was family naptimes!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ninety-nine, Ninety-nine, Nine Nine Nine Nine, Ninety-Nine

Last weekend was my TEN year high school reunion. Weird.
The reunion itself was pretty dumb (as expected), but seeing old friends was lots of fun (also, as expected).

We had a pre-reunion reunion with some friends (including those that didn't graduate in '99). Mike Bishop hosted it (with his super nice wife Elisabeth and nearly 3 kids--one due any time) at their house. For those who care, I'll rattle off a list of those I can remember that came:

John Woolf (wife Liz and 2 kids), Jessica (formerly Jorgenson) with hubby and 2 kids (living in AZ), Rana (formerly Tompkinson)--she is married and has 4 kids. Sam Loveridge with his weird shoes, Luke Stutz, Matt Stacey, Tiave Matagi, Kerstin Lewis, Mark Fernlund (& his new wife), Alicia Binkley, Abby (formerly Young) with hubby Justin Carrier, Dave Jacobs and wife Susan (with 2 kiddos) I missing anyone?

It was lots of fun to spend the evening chatting and catching up with everbody's stories.

The reunion consisted of a BYOFood Family Picnic and an evening event at the school (with dessert). We mostly gawked at the people we didn't like in high school, and chatted with the friends we always stuck around with. Actually, I think I spent most of the time with friends I see pretty regularly anyway.

It was fun to catch up with Linda Reay, Alicia Binkley, and Kerstin Lewis (all friends from band).
I most enjoyed seeing Jessica, as she now lives in AZ and I only keep up with her via facebook.

I also spent time getting to know the wives of old friends better. Here is me with Mike and John's wives (Elisabeth and Liz).

So the big question--was it worth going? Even though it was lame, the answer is yes. Although, I think it would be more worth it in the future to have reunions with just our friends and not bother with the rest.

To Grammie V's House We Go

Our trip down to Utah was lots of fun!
Edgar did quite well on the road--better than we expected! We left after his 3 am feeding--so he slept most of the morning (both ways). We stopped for a long stop in the afternoon and evening. We found grassy places to lay out a blanket and play. He was really happy when we wasn't in the car seat!

Edgar's new favorite thing to do is stand up (=
Edgar was super tired after lots of visiting!

Edgar loved getting to know his Aunts and Uncles better...despite his expression in this picture!

We enjoyed hanging with my siblings and playing games.

Edgar's grandparents couldn't get enough of him!

We even found time to visit his great grandparents. (Side note: if you are also new to this kid thing, here is a tip: don't pack as many clothes as you need for the baby, because grandpa and grandma will buy him clothes. Here he is in his BYU outfit, courtesy of my parents).
More fun play time with dad on one of our stops.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


No, wrong acronym. It was S.W.A.T. Tonight our neighborhood was locked down (no one could come in or out) while the local police and SWAT team responded to an incident at the end of our street. Apparently some estranged couple were having an armed spat and when police responded, the soon-to-be ex-husband refused to leave the house. They considered it a hostage situation and called in the big guns. The police set up a headquarters for the operation at the house across the street from us, so we got a pretty good view of fully armed men with large guns running up and down the street. Crazy!

(The pictures are a bit blurry due to our decision to not use flash photography at heavily armed officers.)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

We spent another great 4th of July at the Gillas Family's. Edgar had a good time getting passed around, talked to, kissed, and generally loved up by his extended family. On July 3rd, Alex and I took Edgar to the St. Paul Rodeo with our friends Vince and Christi. It was lots of fun (despite the 95 degree weather)! Edge didn't even seem to mind the super loud music and hollering cowboys. The best part was watching the Buffalo charge down the decorative arborvitae during the Old Wild West Performance.

Fun cousin time!

YUM! Lon's BBQ'd Ribs!
"I feel like I need to floss and then shower after eating these!" --Kelly

The Newlyweds Glenn and Megan

Grandma and Edgar (sporting his homemade patriotic onesie)
Greta and Edge