Friday, May 18, 2012

Sibling Love

I am completely loving these siblings. My 3 year old and 16 month old are becoming such good friends. They play, they snuggle, they take care of each other. There is this entire entity of siblingness that is completely independent of me...and it is just wonderful.

As my little Sabrina is looking over my shoulder while I write this post, she is just giggling with delight at the pictures of her and her protector. And he is. A few weeks ago, another baby at a play group kept taking swipes at Sabrina. Any time he got close to her, he would smack her. His mom was busy so I had to keep intervening, and finally Edgar took off after the kid intending to beat him up for hurting his sister. He takes his job very seriously.

 Here are my little nupboards in the cupboards. They pretend that this is their gorilla cage. It's right under where I cook, so I pass them in gorilla food and toys while I am prepping dinner.
"Ni-Night! Ed-duh Ed-duh!" --Sabrina
Another fun new game they play is the "bad owl house."  They empty out our jeans from the wardrobe, climb up inside, and close and open the doors. I'm not really sure why they decided it is an owl house, but it reminds me of X The Owl/ Henrietta Pussycat house in Mr. Roger's Neighborhood of Make-Believe.

Sabrina likes to sit in Edgar's lap. It is super cute, but doesn't work too good as she is not too little anymore. In the photo below, she plopped down in his lap with her favorite board book, and he sat and "read" it to her. Yes, it did actually brought tears to my eyes.

We have been quite sick for the past week, but we have tried to enjoy some of the beautiful warm sunny Oregon days.

It was actually HOT this weekend (okay, it was in the 80s. That IS hot for May in Oregon! Really!) We didn't have a pool yet, so we had to improvise. Under-the-bed storage turned ghetto pool. Hey, it worked. (=

Wheelbarrow rides with dad? Life is pretty wonderful.