Friday, October 29, 2010

18 Months

Oh, I am so behind on blogging, I'm not even going to try to play catch up. Instead, here is the 18 month update on Edgar! (Warning, it's pretty long. That's what I get for not blogging for so long!) No hair cut yet...but don't be surprised if it happens soon. Alex says he is looking like an Oompa Loompa.
Edgar is going through one of those rocket fast learning stages--new words and abilities every day. But, he still remains the same boy he has always been:
Edgar is super silly and loves to make people laugh. If he says something that gets a laugh once, he will say it over and over and over to see how it makes people react.
Fun things he says:
  • Wash squash (he "made up" this rhyme and thinks it is hilarious--I think he is right)
  • He likes to look at a picture and say the wrong word for it, and then say "NO!" and say the right word. The other day he was pointing to guys on the cover of my James Bond book saying, "Is this one daddy? NOOOOO! Is this one daddy? NOOOO!" Then he saw the Bond Girl and said (knowingly) "Moooooommy"
  • "Mo-Co-Loy-Lo" = Motorcycle. He LOVES motorcycles and always talks about "Edgar Ride!" when he sees one. The other day he saw one and said, "Mo-Co-Loy-Lo. Cool-WOW!"
Funny (but long) story:
The Scriptures, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter are all getting a little mixed up at our house. A friend recently taught the kids to pound a broomstick on the ground and say "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" Edgar translated this to "NO PASS!" We watched the clip from LOTR and the image stuck in his head. Now, any guy with a long white beard says "NO PASS!" and is a wizard.
Edgar also watched Potter Puppet Pals and the Mysterious Ticking Noise, and LOVED it. He can do most of the skit on his own. "Nape, Nape...DUMBADOE....HERRRR-MY-KNEE...won, won, won WEEEEEZY...(and in a whisper) hawee potteh hawee potteh AH! He is pretty sure the Gandalf and Dumbledore are the same guys. Both are wizards and say NO PASS!
Then, recently we started reading scriptures together as a family every night. We are reading a few verses every night from the Book of Mormon. The phrase, "and it came to pass" is all throughout the BoM--and Edgar has really picked up on it and somehow thinks this means the Scriptures are about Wizards. And Jesus. And records (you know...the round black ones). And Lehi. And Nephi. It is pretty awesome.
We each read a few verses, even Edgar. We read a few words and pause, then he says whatever he can. He usually yells NO PASS (we try to save those verses for him). But one time I read "and he told his children that they shall not"--I paused to let Edgar repeat some words, but he finished the sentence with "PASS!" It was really funny.
But, even though he is a bit confused about the content of the scriptures, he is excited to read them every night. One night we were reading books before bed and he asked for "more one" (one more book). I said, you can choose one more, so pick your favorite...he ran into the other room and brought in the scriptures (=
Edgar is learning a lot of new words and phrases from the Signing Time dvds--he LOVES them. Here he is signing Chicken in front of the chickens at the petting zoo! He can sign over 100 words and phrases!
I am amazed at how much it increases his vocabulary and comprehension. He started watching the dvd about the Colors a few weeks ago. Up to that point, he hadn't shown any interest in colors. Suddenly, he can identify all his colors! So fun! He can also identify some letters, count to 10, and he knows a few shapes (Circle and Octogon).

He also loves to read books. His current favorites are Dr. Seuss Hop on Pop, Bears on Wheels, Bernstien's B Book, Go Dog Go!, Hand Hand Finger Thumb, and Brown Bear Brown Bear. He's at that stage where he is memorizing his favorite books and can "read" portions of them to us. LOVE IT!

And, he is just a sweet boy who loves his family. He prays for his grandparents and cousins, loves to look at family pictures and hear about everybody, and likes to call people on the phone (though he immediately gets shy and won't say much...of course!) He love his best friends upstairs and wants to play with them all of the time. He is generally a happy sweet kid and I LOVE being his mom.

He is also getting used to this baby sister idea. He "plays peekaboo" with his baby sister (by lifting up my shirt to see my tummy), he kisses her, tells her he loves her, and sometimes will tell me that she is crying and hugs her better. He's going to be a great big brother in a couple of months!