Monday, October 31, 2011

I Have the POWER!

For a reminder of the 80's Saturday morning awesomeness, click here.

He-Man and Cringer

Hero worship

Happy Halloween! We are last minute costume sorts of people, and this year was no different. But, with a Saturday morning, some cardboard, a new silver pen, some paint, Velcro, and Christmas socks--we pulled off a couple of pretty rad costumes.

The church costume parade was fun. Edgar had just started getting comfortable in his outfit around all of the crazy looking strangers (it didn't help that we are still feeling so new in our ward--he really didn't know anyone), when they announced the parade. I tried to explain to him that he would walk with the other kids and show off his He-man clothes. He dropped to the ground and tried to get under the folding chair. "Hey Edgar, what are you doing?" "I just gotta hide mom! Help me hide!"

Well...I managed to get him to stand in line with me. When it was his turn to walk across the stage I said, "okay, show them your moves." WOW! He had MOVES. He got to the middle of the stage. Stopped. And did some awesome posturing and dancing. They really liked "baby Thor" or "the little gladiator" or "the minimalist" or whatever that kid was. The whole room was roaring with laughter and approval.

Edgar now wants to wear his He-Man pants everyday. I await the day that he is 15 and we tell him (in front of his friends) how much he loved to wear his little sister's bloomers.