Monday, November 1, 2010


Edgar has been super cute about singing lately. He LOVES to sing.

He sings nonsense along with cds.

He sings hymns with the congregation in church (while "reading" the hymnal).

He has a pamphlet about birth (he picked it up at one of my midwife appointments)--He calls it his "aaahhh yaaaa book" and sings out of it in the car. Once he dropped it, and I tried to hand him a different book to sing out of. He said, "no way. aaahh yaaa book." Apparently he can't sing out of just any book.

He also loves to fill-in-the-blank with mom and dad for songs he knows. His favorite right now is Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam. He isn't super cooperative in this video--but it's the only one I have (and I think the reluctance is pretty darn cute too!)

I also love that this video shows how much Edgar loves his dad. How lucky is he to have CARMICHAEL as his nursery singing leader? Yep--Edgar has now been in nursery at church for 3 weeks and just loves it.