Tuesday, December 15, 2009

8 Months Old

I'm so glad that THIS is the Edgar we now see most of the time. Phew! It's true: for first time parents it is so hard because we don't have perspective. If I had known how cute and smiley he would be so quickly...those first three months wouldn't have been so hard!

A new favorite sound: OOOOOooooooh! The other night we were playing guitar and singing Christmas songs. We got to a verse of ooh's. It was so freaking cute! He oooh'ed right along with us!

I think this is his Garrett Gillas face. Whatdya think?

Edgar loves music...of course--how could he not??? Here he is listening to something Alex recorded the other night. What a sweet expression! (= We took him to a Karl Blau concert a few weeks ago. He LOVED it. We had him in his protective ear muffs, in the Bjorn or on Dad's shoulders. He sang along (AAhhhh laaa laaa) and danced to the enjoyment of all. A week ago someone saw us shopping in a different town and said: hey! it's the Karl Blau baby! Yup. Edgar is famous.

This boy LOVES to eat.
"What do you mean babies don't eat pork ribs? It is delicious and tasty!"
Not really sure what this look was all about. He really was enjoying those avocados! (Check out the hair in the back...)
Just like Mommy:
He would totally crack up every time I brushed my teeth...pretty hilarious apparently. So, I got him his own tooth brush. Now he LOVES to brush his teeth and cries if someone brushes their teeth without him.
Edgar and Daddy hanging out:

Playing piano at Grandma Carmichael's house.

Playing guitar together at home. (This is Edgar's axe of choice. Probably because it is so shiny).
Just like daddy. (=

Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh, How We Love to Stand!

(pay no attention to the mess...)
Early last week I looked over to where Edgar was standing and holding on to the coffee table and watched him let go with both hands and look so proud! I was so excited I yelled, "Alex! Look!" ...
I startled Edgar and he fell. (=
But, that didn't keep him down! He's been practicing everyday and getting better and better!

And he started clapping last week to. Too Cute!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Wow. I live in a world where I have a baby who crawls. Weird.

Yesterday morning I said to my mother: "he may even be crawling by Christmas!" Then, he crawled at lunchtime! Yikes! Things are speeding up!


I am SO SO thankful for my super cute boy and his emerging crazy personality (even if he does act way too much like Chris Farley).

Dressed by dad. Excuse? "He is Super Baby!" Actual reason? Forgot to snap up the onsie before putting his pants on. Oh dear.
We had a great Thanksgiving with our Gillas family. We spent the weekend at the coast in a beach house. Edgar had a fantastic time eating and playing with his cousins.
The Meal: Edgar ate his first meat (Turkey), sweet potatoes, and his new favorite food and pasttime: Cheerios.
It was a hit.
It was a crazy fun weekend with lots of late nights. I have to share this video. It is Edgar at 1 in the morning. I had laid next to him since 10:30 that night trying to get him to sleep. He just talked, laughed, and played while I fake snored. Finally, after 1 am, I decided to go out and hang with Alex and our nephews. This is a super hyper baby with an audience: