Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Long Weekend

We had a fun family get-a-way for the weekend. I didn't get very representative photos...we were too busy enjoying our trip! We had a fun long bike ride along the Deschutes River Trail in Bend. We found a really fun park with a big boat to play on.
Edgar, as usual, loved staying in the hotel. At one point he came around the corner from the bathroom, blowing his nose on some toilet paper. The toilet paper was the end of most of a roll he had trailing behind him (=

Caught ya!
We did lots of swimming. We had to walk outdoors to the pool, so I would put Edgar in my shirt to keep him warm on the way. It was so stinking cute.
He got really angry when he couldn't find his toes:

He said some new cute words and phrases on this trip, including:
Bah-bu-beh-wee (Strawberry)
G-ike (hard g) (Bike)
Love this boy!