Thursday, July 29, 2010

Family Reunion

We had a fun trip to Utah last week for a Braithwaite Family Reunion. The drive between Oregon and Utah gets longer and longer....we have started breaking it up with stops at random parks along the way. Our new favorite: the city park in downtown Baker City. Among other awesome old (see: unsafe) park equipment, they had these fantastic 40 foot swings. Check it out: Alex couldn't even touch the ground!

We LOVED seeing family and getting to know our nephew better. He and Edgar occasionally noticed each other and seemed interested. Bath time was fun (=
Here, Edgar is enjoying his Great Grandma Betty's dessert. YUM! Grandma looks like she's had too much punch.
Edgar got to know his Texas cousins (second cousins to be precise). He STILL talks about Abby (She's 10. He's in love.) He still recognizes her in pictures and asks about her by name. Here, my cousing Andrea is playing his favorite game with him: GETCHU!
Love my grandparents. Don't get to spend nearly enough time with them!

Edgar fell IN LOVE with his "Mama Gickie" and "Papa". He followed my dad around every moment and loved to play with him.

We spent an evening with all the family at Deer Creek Resevoir. Ed had fun being a little too brave on the boat ramp.
This shot is post-face-first-fall into the water (= He got right back up and wanted more.
This is Edgar and Ethan, second cousins. They look a little related, huh?

We had a great time and are looking forward to spending a longer trip in Utah in a few weeks!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Yikes! It's been a while since I've posted. We've been having lots of fun playing outside in the Oregon sun (yep, we do have sun here!)

On one of the first nice weekends, we went for a bike ride with Edgar over the Columbia River (I-205) Bridge. It was so fun cruising down the bridge!
We parked our car at a fun restaurant on the docks of the Columbia River in Portland where we met for lunch with Alex's parents.

It was a fun bike ride--but super exhausting for this newly pregnant mama! Yep, if you hadn't heard, we are having another baby!
The same day we went to our niece Marva's softball game. Edgar had fun playing in the dirt and getting lots of attention from "papa" and "gma ma"
Hooray for summer and corn on the cob! It was a hit at our house (=
Okay, the next one doesn't have much to do with summer--but he sure is cute in his googoo goggles!
Summer = water fun out in the sun! Three wading pools + Three SAHMs + 5 kiddos = LOTS of FUN!
Our Chris Farley Baby discovers water balloons. Secret: if they throw the water balloons INTO the wading pool fun of water, they won't pop very often!
Happy Independence Day! Edgar and Jen are all ready to go to church!
Tired baby. This boy LOVED the fireworks and trap shooting (yep, on the 4th of July this family is a bunch of rednecks). Edgar insisted that everyone clap after each and every firework. "Bang! Bang!" He says. Finally, he just fell deeply asleep in my arms despite the LOUD show going on right in front of him. So sweet...
We love summer!