Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First Bath and Beach

Okay, this wasn't his first bath--we've given him sponge baths and baths in the newborn hammock attachment to his baby bath, but Edgar is now taking baths in the whole baby bathtub. He loves it! He likes to kick his feet in the water. He loves it when I wash his hair and face--he tries to eat the washcloth. Yesterday he was having a tough evening and was getting worked up to a screaming fit when I dipped his feet in the bath. He calmed right down and enjoyed his bathtime. Also, he is super cute when his hair is wet (=

Another first...for our 7 year anniversary (which I COMPLETELY FORGOT--Alex said it was the best present I could have given him: ammo for years to come...) Alex got us a 3 night stay in Yachats (a town on the Oregon coast). I was super nervous about taking a 6 week old to a hotel (wouldn't we drive the neighbors crazy? how would we take this screaming baby out anywhere?? could he handle the 3 hour drive?). But, it turned out to be a fantastic gift. We were forced out of our comfort zone and had to learn to take Edgar out places. We went out to eat, went to the store, walk through the art fair, etc. Yes, he did scream--but we figured out how to deal with it. His daddy took him on many midnight walks on the beach--it calmed him to get outside. We learned that if he is having a tough time falling asleep, all we need to do is make exaggerated sleeping/snoring noises. It's so funny--he stops crying...looks around...listens...and decides it must be time for him to sleep too.

Here he is, totally zonked out on the bed. Such a cutie! He often falls asleep with his fingers in his hair.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

1 Month

Edgar turned 1 month old yesterday!
Here are 10 things I love about this boy:
1. His Hair. It's seriously awesome. Also, it's coming in a little lighter (red??)
2. His Hands. He does the coolest poses with his hands.
3. Playing the kissing game. I kiss his mouth and he looks up with wide eyes and opens his mouth for more. Super cute!
4. His shark attack move. Actually--this also terrifies me! When he is really eager and hungry, he goes into shark attack mode: he thrashes his head side to side and chomps down on any thing in reach (usually tender and sore parts of his momma...) complete with shark bite sound effects. OUCH! But it is so darn cute it makes me laugh despite the terror.
5. His non-fussy noises--these are few and far between--but so adorable!
6. Snuggling with him when he's sleepy.
7. Waking up from napping together to find him smiling at me.
8. Dancing together while we clean up the house.
9. The way his nose moves when he eats.
10. Watching him stare up adoringly into his Daddy's face.

Monday, May 11, 2009

My First Mother's Day

Weird. I'm a Mother. Mother's Day went pretty well. The three of us went to church--and Edgar slept the entire time (=

Saturday night / Sunday morning Edgar decided to scream until 5 am. Alex took the nighttime shifts (minus the feedings) and let me sleep. What a sweet husband.

These are a few sneak preview pictures from the photo shoot with Danita. We gave framed prints of the 4-panel-photo to our mom's for Mother's Day. Hopefully we can meet up with Danita soon and have more awesome photos to share.

Edgar is trying out his swing for the first time right now. It seems to be going well! He is snoozing and not fussy. Yeay!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

3 Week Feet

Yikes! It was a fight to get these footprints! The birth center never did his hand and feet prints, so we thought we would do it ourselves. Needless to say, we only barely got through inking and stamping his feet last night before I had to nurse him to sleep because he was screaming bloody murder.
We'll try for the hands when he is asleep sometime this week. (=

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Each day's 24 hours go by so slowly...and so quickly! I never know what to expect out of this boy and this whole motherhood thing. Edgar is starting to have more wakeful periods--times when he is neither eating, sleeping, or screaming. Those are fun times--he looks around at the world with his big eyes, head turning to track an interesting color or shape.

He is starting to reach out and punch the couple of baby toys we have. It's super cute. Also, he LOVES his crib--especially the area where we set him to change his diaper. He loves to look at his laughing lion and the brown and white stripes on the crib bumper. He will often sit and enjoy this for 15 or 20 minutes at I time while I hurry and get dressed and eat something.

It's getting easier to run on so little sleep. It's still tough--we are all sick and could really use more rest--but we make do. We've also started renting the TV show 24. It gets us through the midnight feedings and gives me something to look forward to! I'm totally addicted.
Edgar will be 3 weeks on Monday. We're going to try to have a more active week next week and get out of the house to do some visiting. I did manage to get out of the house for a few hours today to do a little shopping (thank you Alex!)--but otherwise I haven't been out much.
Uh oh. Is that the boy waking up? I was hoping that singing to him for 30 minutes straight until he fell asleep would buy me a little more time than that. Oh well. Good thing he's cute.