Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Snow Day

Day 2 of Spring here in Oregon, and we are totally loving the snow (= When we awoke this morning, everything had gone extremely very white, and here it is nearly 3 pm and still snowing!

I took the kids out to build a snowman this morning, but they quickly got cold and tired. So, I put Sabrina down for a nap, snuggled Edgar up in front of a show, and headed out to finish those snowmen!

WARNING: you CAN NOT build a giant snowman with one person. Snow is too heavy to lift a giant snow belly onto a giant snow bottom. So, I punted, and made a giant snow CATERPILLAR! (It's kinda hard to see--but there are 2 or 3 smaller balls past the first 3, with wiggly sticks for legs)

We called Alex home for lunch on account of there not being enough snowmen in our yard. We ate quick and got back out into the cold, with this awesome result:
Oh! Pierre! You surprised us!

It's okay Pierre. Not EVERYONE is out to get you. You can calm down now.
Put 'em up, Pierre! Now keep 'em up! Good snowman.

 Fun day!

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